These days, you would see everyone wearing a Retractable Badge Holder instead of the traditional identity cards that used to get attached to the shirt’s front pocket with the aid of strings or the chains. Even the companies have started to provide retractable badge holders to their employees. Gone are the times when people used to hide their identity in their pockets, these days, everybody wants to show it off. Retractable badge holders have entered the market at the right time in this regard. However, you should be aware of what you are buying and not just pick up anything that you see in the market. In this article, you would find some tips on buying retractable badge holders.

Keep a Check on the Quality

It is worth to spend on the good quality retractable badge holder which would not require frequent replacements than to buy a low quality badge holder and then face problems with it later on. Such a badge would last longer and keep you satisfied.

Retractable Badge HolderChoose Solid Plastic over the Cheap Plastic Sheets

If you don’t know how to test the quality of the retractable badge reels, keep in mind that you should never go for cheap plastic sheets. They would spoil your identity card even. It is a good idea to go for the solid plastics as it is stronger and would last longer. The print is also not spoiled by the solid plastic.

Compare the Prices

Since the retractable ID badge holders are new in the market, some of the shop keepers might try to loot you. You should never pay the price asked by the shopkeeper in the first go. Ask a few shops and then compare the prices. The best thing to do would be to shop for retractable badge holders online. This way, you would get the best quality and the best prices as well. However, try to shop from a website which provided money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product.

If you are the manager of the company and you are buying bulk of retractable badge reels for all the employees in your company, then it would be the best idea to shop online for them.

Pay Heed to the String

The string that is used in the making of the retractable badge holders is a very special one and since it gets snapped every time you leave it outwards, you should make sure that it is very strong and does not break easily. Otherwise, you might become a matter of laugh in front of your office colleagues.

Generally, people start playing with the string of the Retractable Badge Holder. If you know that you are such a kind of person, make sure that the badge holder, you are buying has a string which would be able to tolerate this thing. You have to be selective and choose the best option.

Check the Size and Purpose

Boys would generally prefer larger badge holders and the girls would prefer smaller ones. However, the choices can be as per the individual. You must try the badge holder on your clothes and check out yourself in the mirror completely before buying it because a badge holder that suits your best friend might not suit you. The purpose of the badge holder might also make a difference. If you are buying it for office purpose only, you can buy a simple one, but if you want to show it off to the people, you might want a stylish one.


Customization is one thing that should be checked properly before ordering the badges. If you want them for your company, you would definitely want your company name and logo to be printed on them. Hence, it is important to customize it. If a retractable badge reel does not provide the facility of customisation, then it is hardly bought by anyone.

Color and Style

The color choice can be according to the individuals. Generally, black or blue colored badge holders are preferred by most of the people. The shape is also rectangular in general, but some people also prefer round shapes or some kind of irregular shapes.